Atticus Sumner has been on an entertainment journey since he was a teenager, making his first public appearance with one dance during the Lenawee County Fair. Since then, he has created the Cottonwood Cloggers which is a dance company; created and leads the “Million taps for a Million kids” campaign which inspires youth to use dance as a form of exercise in fighting the childhood obesity plaguing our country; has performed throughout the United States; is an entrepreneur in a variety of business ventures; and, is now breaking into the music industry with his own original music.

When Atticus first began composing music he was inspired by his 20 years of history in the entertainment industry as well as his own life lessons. His music is truly a glimpse into the soul of a man as he makes his way through this wonderful life journey. Some people have referred to Atticus as “phenomenal, inspiring and brilliant” both in his music and his dance. The music itself can best be described as an eclectic mix of blues, country, rock and roll, and jazz – during this book, you will see his music in motion, where it all began, and the accompaniment of a cast of people who make up the representation of the thousands of people involved.

Atticus has inspired many people through his dance, now you will be the first to experience this talent at his debut of what is sure to be a nationally recognized musical phenomenon.

“There comes a time in life that you can look back and clearly see how all the experiences both good and bad have brought you to the crucial junction where that experience comes together for a purpose. This project was started about six months ago with 20 years of momentum. I did not realize that I have been in training, being prepared for this moment……..just to get me ready to perform this show for YOU !” - Atticus Sumner