Our children are important. Our future is important. The number one health risk for children is obesity. The epidemic has been growing for years and our kids have paid a heavy price. Using dance and music, we hope to inspire youth to use exercise as a fun way to BE BOLD, BE ENERGETIC, BE YOURSELF!

A Million Taps for a Million Kids™ is working nationwide to combine dance, music, and personal creativity in the fight against obesity. One of the world’s best percussive dancers is embarking on a nationwide All American Town Tour to bring exciting and fun ways kids can get up and move. By learning new dance movements and placing taps on shoes, anyone of any age can feel the excitement of the music. Many events on the tour will be filmed for an upcoming motion picture Turning Famous™.

During and following the live tour, casting calls will be held for the opportunity for anyone to star in the feature film Turning Famous™. Dancers from around the country will be selected to appear at live events and on location for film production and photo shoots for the movie. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to Turn Famous™.

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